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The present continuous can also be used with 'hope' and here the difference between present and future is even stronger.

Talking about the present

If someone says:. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. Speaking and writing techniques and strategies. Agata from Poland asks: Quite recently a group of English learners from Poland got interested in the following question: What grammatical constructions are possible after a verb "hope"?

A lot of doubts were connected with proper usage of "will" after verb "hope". Could you please provide elaborate and easy to understand answer to such question in "Ask About English" section? Thank you in advance Agata P.

Take a look…. Instead, you would use the verb desear to wish or desire , plus haber , and then finally end with a participle. The Spanish conditional tense can be used in almost ALL of the ways you would use it in English, except for a few exceptions that would trip up even the most seasoned grammar nerd!

Take a look at two situations where you should avoid using the conditional tense in Spanish at all costs!

This is more of a philosophical query about actually having a glass of water rather than a simple request for a waiter to grab a glass of water. For example:. Again, it is tempting to translate this sentence word for word, which would give the following resultado result :.

The correct tense to use in this scenario is the imperfect, which translates to: I used to study…. For a deeper look at the imperfect tense, check out Imperfect Tense Forms here. Even though I have gotten you this far with flawless insight and some conditional puns, you may still need a little time to practice! Buena suerte y hasta luego amigos! Click here to read our comprehensive guide to all Spanish tenses! Sign up here to save your progress and start getting fluent with thousands of Spanish sentences at Clozemaster. Take your Spanish to the next level. Click here to start practicing with real Spanish sentences!


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Skip to content Do you find yourself always giving advice? In this guide you can expect to learn: How to form all of the Spanish conditional tenses step-by-step When to start using the simple, continuous, and perfect conditional tenses today! Conditional pun!

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How to Form the Simple Conditional Tense in Spanish Step-by-step In this section, we will quickly break down how to form the simple conditional tense, practice conjugating and talk about the few irregularities that come up. How to Form the Irregular Simple Conditional Tense They are only verbs ending in —er and —ir, and they are the same ones that change root in the future tense for more on irregular verbs in the Future Tense , check out this awesome article! Would you break up with him? Would you do whatever it takes for me? A honeymoon in Italy would be so beautiful!

It would be so horrible to lose a parent. What would you do in this situation? What should we respond?

Expressing Conditions in English

I would like for you to trust your body! I would love to marry you Beatriz! He told me he would take you to the cinema. I told my mom that I would like to eat tacos tonight. If I could, I would go right now to Paris!

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Roughly translates to: After studying, they must have been hungry! Roughly translates to: That must have been the reason why they broke up!

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How to Form the Continuous Conditional Tense in Spanish Step-by-Step In this section, we will quickly break down how to form the continuous conditional tense in Spanish and have some continuous conditional practice! How to Start Using the Continuous Conditional Form in Spanish In this section, we will cover exactly when to use the continuous conditional tense in Spanish and give example sentences.

I knew my parents would be cleaning! If I lived in Italy, I would be working with the best artists! If Pablo were here, we would be studying. Where is your sister? She must be studying!