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In order to find the funds to pursue this larger project, the pair had to make a shorter film, albeit on 35mm — hence Wings of Death. The BFI also wanted Coulson and Bruce to start with a short film because they had a reputation for being visual rather than narrative filmmakers. The film starred Dexter Fletcher as a young heroin addict who holes up in a seedy London hotel, either to review his life or to kick his habit or both. The tragedy at the time was that it was easier for young kids to get heroin than get a job in the UK.

In the end, the BFI persuaded us to put in this opening sequence that made it more specific to heroin than we actually wanted it. We were told to go off and write a script. So we did. It was originally going to have more of a William Burroughs influence to it but as we wrote the script we also created a series of large paintings and the film became more Gothic in style.

We built sets based on our paintings and filmed exteriors in the then very derelict streets of East London. Although the film received both a theatrical and home video release in the s, it has languished in complete obscurity since that time. We stocked up on preparable foods, started putting miscellaneous crap on eBay—the usual things you do when you become jobless. Like those other times, I had plans set in motion. Also like those other times, I must have said them out loud at some point which, as we all know, greatly amuses god.

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The one thing I've been able to do with fair consistency is write every day. It's a habit I've never forced myself to adopt in the past, though I paid lip-service to it in lectures and articles. These occasions have been far less frequent than in the past, so I'm looking at this as a good thing. I may not dig everything I write--there's a Middle Grade horror novel I'm working on now that refuses to reveal its footing--but at least I'm doing something beyond Facebook Statuses on an almost-daily basis. The next step is to turn this motivation into profit. Which seems to mean turning back time and returning to the '70s when print media was valued.

Or at least to some point prior to the ubiquity of the internet and the idea that "anybody" can write. Monetarily speaking, I'm up against a lot of "anybody"s, most of whom are willing to crank out their illiterate screeds for free. Or for the Huffington Post or Salon.

Film Genres: Cult films

What's the old saying? A writer could die from exposure. Posted by Unknown at PM No comments:. New articles on:. So rush on over to Movie Outlaw and prepare to waste some time. I had to remind myself that The Maltese Falcon was shot at least twice before the definitive John Huston version, so was King Kong —hell, so was Casablanca , and there are always rumors of another coming our way. There always will be. The best example, the one I always point to, is that they threw more money at James Gunn to remake Dawn of the Dead than they did for Romero to make an original franchise installment.

The Dawn do-over was given more marketing money, more commercial time and it opened in far more theaters than Land of the Dead. Regardless of how you feel about either film, financially Dawn Redeux was the winner. A new The Evil Dead was upon us and there was nothing I could do about it. Besides, like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, Evil Dead II , the film I saw before the original and fell in love with, was more or less a remake itself. So who was I to complain? Once I learned he had been originally approached to do some design work turning it down for his own reasons and had not been shuttered out in the cold, I gave myself permission to go.

Fortunately, I was able to see it in a safe space. Almost 20 of us marched into that midnight screening. The white dread on the faces of those already in the theater were priceless to behold. Photo by Jill LiXonline ,]. It started well: a witch-burning in the basement by some Spanish-speaking hillbilly cultists slammed into your eyeball right off the bat, along with plenty of foggy-forest atmosphere. So, cool. The plot was a little more plotty than I expected, given that both the original and Evil Dead II had premises rather than stories: friends visit a cabin and unleash some nasty, evil Evil.

In this new one, a group of friends go to a cabin for the express purpose of giving Tessa from Suburgatory Jane Levy a much-needed, but oft-repeated, intervention. Okay, cool, some urgency here.

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A legitimate reason not to leave the cabin once it starts Evil Dead -ing out. Not sure how the others fit in or even know each other—one of them is her brother and the hippie-schoolteacher guy was apparently once in love with him, I think. Please proceed. Now, do you remember when Madonna put out a photography book called Sex and outraged the Tipper Gores of the world?


Okay, remember when Linnea Quigley did something similar with a book called Skin , and the book cover looked like the stitched-together inside of Leatherface? The cover was a simple flesh-quilt that could have been made by any deranged first grader for his Phonics Book. Wrapping in plastic, barbed wire, in a room full of rotting cats, the most evil of all evil books not written by Harold Robbins, this Naturom Demonto was hardly impressive.

Do better, movie. But it seemed like those guys had an excuse. Lou Taylor Pucci as Eric is feeling pretty sullen and broody at this point in the film. Screaming women engulfed in flames, missing limbs, etc. So what does long-haired hippie-freak Eric do? And his pronunciation is terrible. Then, as if on cue, the Shakicam rises from the mist and leaves and zips towards the house.

Remember, Bruce Campbell spent the majority of the first film trapped beneath a variety of book cases. There are hints of CGI but mostly in service of limb removal.

Illness to Wellness #ChinmayaMission - #SwamiTejomayananda

Overseen by Jason Durey, the damage sustained to the human body is beautifully cringe-inducing. In particular, a shot where demon Mia licks the edge of a utility knife and slits her tongue down the middle, I flinched noticeably. Further down on either end of our row, though, I could feel some growing impatience. Good gore, decent pace. Nothing too overtly stupid to provoke a walk-out. However, this scholar is precisely crustal mainly.

Fervid Filmmaking: 66 Cult Pictures of Vision, Verve and No Self

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Psyched-Up: Mind-Bending Films on 4 (1987-1992)

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