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  1. Can You Die From Lack of Sleep?
  2. Is it possible to die from sleep apnea?
  3. Is it safe to sleep if you have a concussion? | UAMSHealth
  4. What’s Happening in Your Brain When You Can’t Stay Awake
  5. Sleeping after a concussion

Can You Die From Lack of Sleep?

Interfering with this scaling down process can, in some cases, lead to more intense and perhaps unwanted memories. The importance of sleep for keeping our brains optimally active may be reflected in our changing sleep patterns as we age. Babies and children sleep much more than adults , probably because their developing brains are learning much more, and being exposed to new situations.

Later in life, sleep declines and becomes more fragmented.

Is it possible to die from sleep apnea?

This may reflect either a reduced need for sleep as we are learning less or a breakdown in sleep processes as we age. Read more: Children and sleep: How much do they really need? A recent study in mice found sleep cleanses the brain of toxins that accumulate during waking hours, some of which are linked to neurodegenerative diseases. During sleep, the space between brain cells increases, allowing toxic proteins to be flushed out.

Getting enough sleep is important for attention and learning during our waking hours. Our reaction times are slowed. We are also less likely to be creative or discover hidden rules when trying to solve a problem. Drowsiness while driving is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents, with sleep deprivation affecting the brain just as much as alcohol. Sleep deprivation can also lead to fatal accidents in the workplace — a major issue in shift workers.

Read more: Explainer: how much sleep do we need? Overall, the evidence suggests having healthy sleep patterns is key to having a healthy and well-functioning brain. Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington.

Is it safe to sleep if you have a concussion? | UAMSHealth

UEA Inaugural lecture: Alternative performance measures: do managers disclose them to inform us, or to mislead us? Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Sleep is the time for our brain to reboot. Leonie Kirszenblat , The University of Queensland. Read more: Health Check: three reasons why sleep is important for your health What are our brains doing while we sleep? What are the long-term effects? Brain Sleep deprivation insomnia Sleeping. I did my part. Why is it important?

What’s Happening in Your Brain When You Can’t Stay Awake

Often this occurs, a person who still look healthy, has died in the night. Often we hear stories of people, yesterday I was chatting with him, why did he suddenly die? The reason is that when you wake up at night to go to the bathroom is often done in a rush. Immediately we stand, the brain lacks blood flow.

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In the middle of the night when you are awakened by the urge to urinate for example, ECG pattern can change. Because getting up suddenly, the brain will be anaemic and causes heart failure due to lack of blood. Lower your legs, sitting on the edge of the bed for the last half-minute. It can occur regardless of age; young or old.

follow Sharing is Caring. If you already know, regard this as refresher. TLDR: The information in these messages about rising from bed too quickly resulting in stroke or sudden death appear to be entirely baseless.

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While moving positions such as prone to standing up too quickly can cause dizziness or even fainting in a minority of people, there is little chance that a stroke or sudden death will result from this. The fundamental claim that a stroke or sudden death may arise from exiting ones bed too quickly fails to provide any reputable medical sources.

We scoured various medical websites looking for any known conditions or situations matching the description in these warnings but were not able to find anything.


Healthcare physicians often warn that rising too quickly from a prone position — which can include rising from bed, or a chair — can result in dizziness or even fainting in some people, which can be a sign of orthostatic hypotension , which would need to be diagnosed by your doctor. While persistent orthostatic hypotension can lead to further more serious complications , the mere claim that rising from bed quickly can cause a stroke or death is entirely baseless, and physicians have in the past advised to ignore the alarmist warning. In , Dr.

Sleeping after a concussion

Anthony Bray stated in response to the warning —. No I would disregard this statement …. This advice is generally in line with physicians that we have spoken to, who have made it clear that the more pertinent element to these warnings is that the need to get up in the middle of the night to urinate — if frequent — can be itself a sign of an underlying problem, including diabetes and sleep apnea. But this has nothing to do with the speed of rising from bed. To read up on the signs that someone may be having a stroke, read here.

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The information presented in the above variant about blood pressure is correct. However the statistics concerning the heart rate are confused and inaccurate. It should be noted that trained athletes are likely to have a lower resting heart rate because of increased cardio efficiency.