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  1. Charles L. Grant
  2. Too Much Horror Fiction: A Perpetual Halloween: Charles L. Grant's Oxrun Station Paperback Covers
  3. Novelists from New Jersey
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Last of the Chauvinists. To See the Stars That Bind. Wind Among the Windymuns, The. Green, Robert M. No Place Like Where. Deadeye Dick Syndrome, The. Apology to Inky. Royal Road to There, The. Pallid Piper, The. Embezzled Blessing, The.

Charles L. Grant

Green, Terence M. Till Death Do Us Part. Barking Dogs. N LOC, short story; story exp. Point Zero. Greene, Graham.

Proof Positive. Nineteen Stories ; U.

Too Much Horror Fiction: A Perpetual Halloween: Charles L. Grant's Oxrun Station Paperback Covers

Discovery in the Woods, A. Gregory, Daryl.

And those who dare are forever changed. Dialing the Wind by Charles L. Words: 55, In Oxrun Station, the wind carries dark musics and dark magics … and summoning the wind can call you to your doom. The spectral sound of folk music was a sound not everyone could hear. Only those desperate for love heard the haunting notes—and had their lives forever altered.

The Orchard by Charles L. Words: 59, A warm evening in Oxrun Station—a lovely time for a picnic. If only they hadn't chosen to visit the orchard … It was the last lovely time. The first death seems to be an accident.

But there's no doubt about the suicide, or the mutilation murder, or the horror that seizes the movie theater, or the terror that inhabits the hospital … All are the fruits of that night in the orchard. Nightmare Seasons by Charles L.

Novelists from New Jersey

Words: 68, A new season, and the Grim Reaper smiles in anticipation of the harvest to come. No one is safe, no one can be trusted. The lovestruck office boy, the beautiful little girl clutching a posy of violets, the faceless motorcycle gang all seem harmless enough, and yet. Nameless fears stir uneasily, terror bubbles to the surface. Enter the world of Oxrun Station. Jackals by Charles L. Words: 58, Published: February 13, by Crossroad Press. We've all seen them—the broken-down car by the side of the road, mutely signaling for help from passing drivers … the stubborn tail-gater who follows too close, for too long … the wild driver who weaves through lanes on a crowded highway—the driver who causes accidents but is never a victim of one … These are the jackals, hunters who follow the nation's highways and byways.

The Tea Party by Charles L. Words: 93, Published: February 11, by Crossroad Press. A sleepy village untouched by time, full of quaint antiques, charming sites and friendly neighbors. But outside of Deerfield, nauture is still. No children play around the great stone house of Winterrest; no birds fly over its ancient trees … and tales of witches and demons fill the dreams of Deerfield's children.

Now the great house is stirring, stretching, hungry. Words: 38, Published: February 8, by Crossroad Press. Grant sets forth to take us across time and into a fantasy world to his remarkable little Connecticut town of Oxrun Station. For all of you who, like the author, yearn for something blatantly old-fashioned, here is an opportunity to climb back into the past, and experience the thrill of the classic tale of The Mummy—the jackal-headed god … ancient Egypt … mummies … eternal …. While most of Grant's stories were contemporary, he did write a trilogy of "historical" novels placed in an earlier Oxrun.

The Dark Cry of the Moon is a classic werewolf tale for fans of the old Universal and Hammer horror films. Words: 41, Multiple award winner Charles L.


Grant has written a vampire novel set in the author's distressing little town of Oxrun Station. The Soft Whisper of the Dead is the account of the evil Count Braslov's attempt to subjugate the Oxrun population to his vampiric will. Words: 64, At night Natalie heard eerie sounds out in the fog, among the tombstones, unnatural sounds made by unearthly things. Natalie's husband had been born in Oxrun Station. He loved the town, and served it well—and in return it killed him. Published: August 4, by Crossroad Press. But not as depressed as anyone who spends a night at Langford Place. The decaying mansion next door—number —will soon see the return of Bog-Muggoth, an ancient, evil demon that makes the Amityville Horror seem like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Words: 54, Drinks the blood of the living. And never pays income taxes. He's the Vampire Lamar, and since he's come to New England, the body count's been rising every time he rises. But even eternal nightlife can take on a chill without companionship. The unholy fiend-in-need seeks a down-to-earth, flesh-and-blood girl who's his…er type. Words: 52, Color, Creed, species not important.

Down on the bayou, folks called the creature Zergopha. It had been around for quite a spell, slithering through the swamp, chowing down on the odd tourist here and there. Lately, though, it seemed to be after something more than a one-night snack. Affection, maybe. Possibly even—commitment. He's out of sight… and out of his mind! Don't look now, but a mad scientist has discovered the secret of temporary invisibility. He's not planning to sneak into the movies, either. He's mad, remember?

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He wants… revenge! It doesn't take a genius to see right through the faded fiend's transparent scheme: a festival of murder, destruction, and cheap practical jokes. Mars vs. New Jersey! IT is big. IT is ugly. IT has a heat ray and a bad disposition.